I was home by myself for a few minutes and…….

I fell. Yep. I fell, hard. And I was home alone, which NEVER happens anymore.

Tom went to drop the girls off at a friend’s house for a 4th of July party. We had plans to join them around dinner time. I got up from my recliner and I was sliding my foot into my Croc slipper and fell to the left side. There was a chair near me which I knocked over, but I think that helped cushion the fall a little.


Can I Ask a Favor?

Tom asked me the other day if there was anything big I’d like and try to do sometime soon. Besides going back to Disney World and having a personal tour guide, I couldn’t think of anything. Lol.

Our trip to Disney World was amazing. It’s something we will all remember for the rest of our lives. I am forever grateful for the chance we had to spend together as a family and relax….the chance to not think about terminal cancer for a few days….the chance to laugh and smile like we haven’t in such a long time. We really needed it and I smile every time I think about the trip.


1 Scan down, 1 to go

Scanxiety was tough this week as I awaited my bone scan today. It went fine. Now we just wait for results and a discussion with the oncologist.

We drained my lung last night and the color of the fluid was back to normal. Praise God for that!


Pain Pump Update and Prayer Requests

I’m so tired, so hopefully I can type well enough for a quick update….

My pain pump refill went really well last week. I had no extra pain. Praise God! I haven’t had to take any Oxy this past week (with the exception of yesterday). The pain pump and Fentanyl patches on my back and doing a good job of controlling my pain the majority of the time.


Pain Pump Refill

My pain pump refill went well today. The Dr. numbed the area with some lidocaine and took out the little bit of medicine that was still in there. Then he put in the new medicine. It was pretty quick and relatively painless.


Pain report and upcoming scans

I’m happy to report that my pain pump is working well. It seems to be the right dose now and I hardly have to take any oxycodone or use the extra medicine from the pain pump. Once we get through the refill process and things seem ok, we’ll start talking about taking another patch off.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I have an appointment at 1 pm to have my pain pump refilled. I know the procedure and what is coming , but I’ll be honest, I’m very scared. I’m scared about pain. Even though the Dr. says I shouldn’t have any pain from the refill, I am very scared. Ever since my time in the hospital in severe pain, my brain thinks about things differently. I’m struggling with severe anxiety, about everything. I felt so out of control in pain for so long, I’m afraid of that happening again.


Long day at the infusion center yesterday

My trip to the infusion center on Monday was the longest one I have ever had. I was there from 11am – 6:20 pm. My hemoglobin level has been creeping down and yesterday it got low enough that we had to call the Dr. before starting chemo. He approved chemo because all of my other labs were ok. However, he ordered a blood transfusion for after chemo. That’s why I was there so long.


Website troubles and the upcoming week

I’m sorry if you were not able to access the website last time I posted. It’s been fixed and you can see the post here if you missed it.

This week doesn’t involve too many appointments. Monday, I will be at the infusion center for a while. Right at the end of my time there, Dr. Otsu is coming to meet me to adjust my pain pump again. Please pray for the timing on this, so that I won’t be waiting around for a long time. He’s supposed to come around the time I’m usually finishing up. I’m anxious about the timing, which is dumb, because I’m not in control of it and can’t do anything about it. It’s just another thing out of my control that makes me anxious. I also have a telehealth appointment on Thursday afternoon with my Palliative Care Nurse practitioner.