Tom asked me the other day if there was anything big I’d like and try to do sometime soon. Besides going back to Disney World and having a personal tour guide, I couldn’t think of anything. Lol.

Our trip to Disney World was amazing. It’s something we will all remember for the rest of our lives. I am forever grateful for the chance we had to spend together as a family and relax….the chance to not think about terminal cancer for a few days….the chance to laugh and smile like we haven’t in such a long time. We really needed it and I smile every time I think about the trip.

You know what I don’t smile about? Cancer? How can we not find a cure for it? We have so many brilliant people on this planet. Where is the cure? I hate this disease so much!

So here’s the favor I have to ask….ok it’s two.

First, will you pray that if it’s the Lord’s will, we will find a cure for this horrible disease that takes so many lives each day? There are very few people whose lives have not been directly touched by cancer. Please pray for a cure!

Second, would you consider supporting The Valley Girls and Guys? This local non-profit helped make our Disney World Dream extra special. Here’s a few things that they do and why we are supporting them and why I’m asking you to support them:

They give blankets of hope to people going through cancer treatment.

They help cancer patients and their families with different needs that arise during treatment. Cancer doesn’t just take a toll on the person who is sick…’s so hard on spouses, caregivers, kids….the list goes on and on.

They help fund mammograms for patients who financially need help.

They raise money to help fight cancer in our community…….all it takes is a quick scroll through their Facebook Page 0or this page on their website and you’ll see how they are helping not only individuals and their families but also local hospitals (Valley Medical Center, Seattle Children’s Hospital) as they look for a cure and care for their patients.

They arrange blood donation days to make it easy to give blood. Here’s a link to a sign-up page with dates they have created to donate. I needed a blood transfusion 2 weeks ago. I have no idea who donated that blood. But THANK YOU to whoever took time out of their busy life one day to give blood so that I would have it when I needed it. Thank you!

They give Who Dreams to families of terminal cancer patients like ours. (We are Who Dream #10.)

On July 17th, our family will be walking in the #BeTheHopeXOXO Walk to help raise money for all these things. First, will you please pray I will be strong enough to sit in my wheelchair for the 1.8 mile walk? Second, if you are local, would you consider walking with us? Third, would you consider donating money toward our team goal of $5,000?

There is also a silent auction online if you are interested in donating that way.

I don’t mean for this to sound like a sales pitch, but it kind of is. This is important to me. I want as few other families as possible to go through what our family is going through.

Let’s work together to find a cure!

Please donate here if you are able! Thanks for your help!