cropped-butterfly-2.pngI’m sorry you found my blog.

HA!  What a funny thing to say on a blog!!  But seriously, if you landed here, you either know me, or know someone that has cancer.  That’s why I’m sorry!


I hate that word.

I remember sitting in the oncologist’s office in my early 20’s listening to the Dr. tell me that while it was not likely I would get Ocular Melanoma like my Mom, 3 out of 4 people would be diagnosed with some sort of cancer in their life.  Since all of my Grandparents and my Mom have died of some type of cancer, I knew my day would come.  I just never thought my diagnosis would be the day after my 41st birthday and as a mother of a 10, 7 and 6 year old.

This blog is my journey as I fight to leave cancer behind and move on in my life.

I should probably back up and introduce myself . . . my name is Jennifer.  I’m a Christ follower, married to an amazing man (who happens to be a chef), have 3 beautiful daughters and I’ve been diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer which has spread to my sternum.

I know it can be confusing when you stumble upon a new blog, so let me help you get started.

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Here’s what’s going on with me right now . . .

MRI Results 

Well…I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the MRI did not show any sign of cancer in my spine.

Woohoo!  Thank You God!

It did show that I have bad arthritis and a slipped disc. I will be honest, I really have no idea what that means or what treatment will look like for that, but at least I know what the problem is so we can look into treating it. I have already made an appointment for physical therapy at 12:45 on Monday.  I look forward to talking to them and learning more. At this time I’m not looking for any advice…thanks  for understanding that. 🙂

Thank you for praying with us as we awaited these results, and please continue to pray for wisdom for my primary care physician and Tom and I as we figure out how to resolve this pain. 

Thanks friends.

More Waiting

My MRI went very smoothly this morning.  I was home before the girls left for school which surprised us all!  I should have the results back in 2 days, which because of the weekend, means Tuesday. 🙂  I’ll keep you posted…

MRI Rescheduled for Friday Morning!!!! 🙂

I called this morning and found out my insurance has approved the MRI and was able to get an appointment for Friday morning at 6:10 am!  I am so thankful I can have it done earlier!  I will let you know how it goes!

MRI Scheduled

Looks like the wrong order was sent for the MRI on Friday so a new one was just sent over to the insurance.  I was at least able to schedule the appointment, but since we have to make sure to leave enough time for the insurance to approve it, it’s next Tuesday at 6:30 pm.  That’s a long time to wait, especially with pain, but at least it’s scheduled. 🙂

MRI ordered

I met with the oncologist today. The pain in my sciatica is definitely getting worse, and it’s starting to hurt now when I walk. The oncologist said that back pain from cancer usually has more of a throbbing all over pain, instead of a shooting pain like mine is. However, because of my breast cancer, he ordered an MRI so we can make sure that it is just sciatica pain. Based on those results will go forward with treatment. If it’s just sciatica pain and I will start working with my general practitioner to solve the problem. If it’s something else then we’ll go from there.

The MRI has already been ordered. Please pray that the insurance approves it fast and then I can get it scheduled soon.

A Birthday and a Request

Today would have been my Mom’s 69th birthday.  I miss her so much!  I’m doing fine today, just thought I’d mention it. 🙂  Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom!  (Here’s a post I wrote a few years ago if you are interested.)

The real reason I’m writing today is to ask you to pray for me as I await my appointment on Friday.  I have a check-up with the oncologist at 11 am.

3 weeks ago I started having sciatica pain.  I tried to manage it with stretching and exercises but ended up at the Dr. as it wasn’t getting any better.  She prescribed steroids and muscle relaxers which helped.  However, as the steroids are tapering off and now ending, the pain is coming back, even though I continue to do all the strengthening and stretching exercises. 🙁

read more…

Mastectomy – 1 Year Later

A year ago right now (4:14pm), I was done with all the surgery prep. and was waiting to go into surgery.

I’m so glad I’ve kept a blog through this journey.  As I read back through my post from 2 days after surgery, there are so many things I have forgotten after just one year.

This morning as I looked in the mirror, I was reminded of how different my body looks today than it did a year ago.  Most days I don’t think about it, unless a scar is bothering me.  But this morning was different.  I’ve been feeling down all day.  I don’t really feel like I’m dwelling on memories from last year, but I must be a little.  (And I’m exhausted from keeping up with 6 kids at the Great Wolf Lodge the past 2 days!  So much fun but I’m pooped!)

A week from today I have a check-up with my oncologist.  I don’t think it will be a very eventful appointment…the bone pain I was having is gone.  However, I’ve been having some sciatica pain for the past few weeks.  I didn’t do anything to injur it and am a little concerned about it.  I have been on a steroid and muscle relaxers.  With those meds and exercises and stretches, it’s getting better slowly, but in the back of my mind is still the concern that the cancer has spread to my back.  When I saw the Dr. last week, she was glad to know I had an appointment soon with the oncologist so we could talk about my back if the pain has not improved.

At the risk of being too much of a downer, I’ll end here and go make dinner. 🙂