ER visit for fluids

I spent a few hours in the local ER today getting some fluids. They made a big difference in how I am feeling overall. Today I was able to get out of bed and sit up on the sofa for a while, and even do a few things around the house. Not much, but at least I could get out of bed! I will get fluids again on Thursday.

Still no improvement in the pain in my esophagus. I drank 2 Ensures and ate tapioca pudding, a few roasted potatoes and some pork. I had to take a little more pain medicine to get that down though. But a little more food than than yesterday…♥️

The radiation weight loss program

Well, I definitely don’t recommend it, but the side effects from radiation are serving as a great weight loss program for me right now. 🤣😭😔

Seriously….if I don’t joke about it, I will cry.

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Severe pain

The burning in my esophagus is worse today. I ran a few errands, tried to go to the gym, but it just hurts too much. I spent most of the day in bed. I am allowed to take the liquid medicine the Dr, gave me 8 times a day. It takes the edge off for about a minute, but that’s it. Breathing is uncomfortable as well.:-(

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Nothing new to report

Day one of the chemo pills – light headed and not feeling the greatest – most likely due to the fact that it hurts to eat or drink anything. Other than that, not much to report.

I posted this on Facebook this morning –

First chemo pill ✔️
Infinite amount left to go 😔

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End of one treatment and the beginning of another

Quick update tonight…

Hooray! Radiation is over. It has definitely helped the pain in my sternum, as I can now lay down for a while and not be in severe pain. However, it looks like I have traded that pain for pain in my esophagus. It now is very painful to eat or during anything, even water. I spoke with the radiation oncologist and he prescribed a compound medicine which they mixed for me today that I can take before I eat to help numb my esophagus and make it so it is not quite as painful. Hopefully the pain will last less than a week.

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Looking ahead to the week

Looking ahead to the week, I finish radiation on Tuesday and that same day will get my first hormone blocking shot. I have friends with me on both Monday and Tuesday and Tom meeting us there on Tuesday for the shot so I will not be alone. I’m pretty depressed, so I am thankful to have the company. Thursday I will start the chemo pills.

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Chemo starts next week

I am very tired, overwhelmed and not feeling very good tonight, but I found out info. about treatment next week so here is a quick update.

I had my 6th day of radiation today and it was a rough day. The side effects have started – fatigue and heartburn/strange feeling in my chest. I had a lot of pain in my chest last night and didn’t sleep well. I ended up taking more pain meds today than normal to get through the day.

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Radiation and Biopsy Results

3 of 10 days of radiation are complete. I’m pretty tired, but I’m not sure it’s because of radiation. There’s just too much going on and I’m struggling to keep up, even with not doing any cooking or cleaning. I’m sure this triggers a “what can I do to help” thought from many friends and family, which I love…but I can’t pass off parenting, appointments with kids and choir concerts.

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Radiation starts on Wednesday

Both appointments went well today. I have a plan to help combat possible side effects for the course of treatment we are leaning towards. Still have to make that final decision after the biopsy results though.

I ran into my oncologist in the hospital today while visiting someone from church. 🙂 Got to chat with him for a few minutes. Once we have the biopsy results, we’ll let him know which course of treatment we want to go with and then he’ll get it ordered. He says it takes about 2 weeks to get insurance approval and to get it shipped to me, but that we wouldn’t start it during radiation anyways. So that works out well.

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Slowly moving along…

I am still awaiting answers on the biopsy, but I did hear from radiation today and will be going to radiation practice 🙂 tomorrow at 1:45.

I also have an appointment at 10 up in Ballard (ugh) with my Nautropath to begin to talk about how to best get my body ready for treatment and what we can do to ease the side effects as much as possible.

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