My trip to the infusion center on Monday was the longest one I have ever had. I was there from 11am – 6:20 pm. My hemoglobin level has been creeping down and yesterday it got low enough that we had to call the Dr. before starting chemo. He approved chemo because all of my other labs were ok. However, he ordered a blood transfusion for after chemo. That’s why I was there so long.

Besides the log hemoglobin level, I have been sleeping A LOT and have severe fatigue. I’ve been getting up just before lunch, and napping on and off, and still going to bed around 8. I then snooze on and off for a bit and then sleep through the night. I’m sleeping too much. Hopefully the blood transfusion will help with that and the severe fatigue.

I have never had a blood transfusion before and it was strange to see red running through a tube and into my port instead of a clear fluid. My body has handled it well so far and I’m thankful for that.

Today I had to wake up to an alarm, but have not taken a nap and definitely have more energy than I have for the past week. I wouldn’t say I had a lot, but enough to notice a difference.

While I was there yesterday, Dr. Otso came by and upped the medicine in my pain pump again. Today, I have been doing the bolus’ with the pain pump (extra medicine) every two hours, but I have only had to take 2 oxycodone pills. TWO PILLS! Usually by this time of the day (4:45pm) I would have taken 12. Hooray! I would say we found a good level for now and can start thinking about weaning down a Fentanyl patch in a week or two. I want to let this settle for a bit and make sure it stays stable.

That’s it for now. Thanks for continuing to pray for our family.