I’m so tired, so hopefully I can type well enough for a quick update….

My pain pump refill went really well last week. I had no extra pain. Praise God! I haven’t had to take any Oxy this past week (with the exception of yesterday). The pain pump and Fentanyl patches on my back and doing a good job of controlling my pain the majority of the time.

My hemoglobin was up on Monday, so the blood transfusion helped last week. Chemo went well on Monday.

I do have a few things I would love for you to pray for:

  • Constipation issues – not sure what changed, but things are moving slowly even with all my extra tricks. I’m on to Magnesium Citrate which will work, it just makes me nauseous to drink it. I’m getting ready to drink it after I’m done typing this post. Yuck!
  • When we drained my lung Friday night, the fluid was bloody instead of the normal clear chicken stock color. The oncologist said that happens sometimes and that we’ll keep an eye on it. It freaked us out, but glad it’s “normal”. (Not sure glad is the right word to use though.)
  • I have some strange white bumps on the inside of my mouth. The dentist and the infusion nurse were not sure what to make of them. Nothing has changed in medicines that would cause it. Who knows. Right now, they don’t hurt. They are just annoying. The Dr. said to keep an eye on them. I’m using my steroid mouth wash. I don’t want them to get worse.
  • I’m not sleeping well at night, even with a larger dose of a sleeping pill. It’s 7:17 pm and I think I could sleep now, but then would be up in the middle of the night for a long time. Please pray I can get a good night sleep.
  • Bone scan is this Friday. I have to drive back and forth twice. (9 am and 12 pm) If you’d like to drive me one of those ways and chat on the way so Tom doesn’t have to do both, send me a text.
  • CT next Friday
  • Decisions after we get the scan results back.

That’s it for tonight and I didn’t fall asleep typing. Thanks for reading and for praying with us.