Almost 3 Weeks off of Chemo

Not much new to report….

I got my pain pump refilled on Tuesday.  I woke up in a lot of pain Thursday. I’m not sure if that’s related.

I’m sleeping a lot. Some days I’m only awake 3 hours.


Chemo Today & Surgery Tomorrow

I woke up not feeling very good this morning. But that didn’t matter because I still had to get up and have a covid test and go to chemo. My heart rate was in the 120’s so they gave me a bag of fluid and that brought it down. I have never seen it stay that high before.


Pain and Chemo Update

I’ve now completed the first cycle with this new chemo. I’m very fatigued and have some nausea off and on, which Compazine takes care of. I also have a funny taste in my mouth most of the time. So far, those are the main side effects. I’m taking 80% of the full dose I’m allowed and after talking to the Dr. today, we are going to leave it at that. This next week I have off of chemo and then the following week I’ll start up again. We’ll scan again after 3 or 4 cycles to see how this medicine is working.

My pain is under control with the Fentanyl patches and Oxy, but since I am on the high end of what I can take with both of those drugs, it looks like I need to go ahead with the pain pump. The surgery is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday the 18th, checking in at 11 am. While I’m nervous about the size of the device itself, I can’t find much online about people complaining about it once it’s in. So I guess I’ve decided yes about it after praying and talking to the doctors and Tom.


New Chemo Day 1

I started a new chemo plan today – Gemzar and Carboplatin. My oncologist said it will be a little bit harder on my body but it will attack the cancer a different way.

I feel fine so far, but what he said makes me nervous. He said it’s nothing like my body was hit with originally 5 years ago. But 5 years ago I was in fabulous shape. Today, I needed a wheelchair to get into the infusion center. My body is not quite the same now as it was then.


Chemo today

Another day at the infusion center…a long day….an hour longer than normal.

It started with waiting 15 minutes to get a room.

Then another 15 to see my nurse.

Then my first port access didn’t feel right, almost like saline was just going in my body and not in the vein through the port. Something was definitely not right! So I was poked again.

Then blood was drawn. She realized 10 minutes later she needed more for an additional test. Not a big deal, just more time.