I fell. Yep. I fell, hard. And I was home alone, which NEVER happens anymore.

Tom went to drop the girls off at a friend’s house for a 4th of July party. We had plans to join them around dinner time. I got up from my recliner and I was sliding my foot into my Croc slipper and fell to the left side. There was a chair near me which I knocked over, but I think that helped cushion the fall a little.

I was able to get up on my own and sit in my recliner until Tom got home. I didn’t break anything, but I definitely have some bruises. The back left part of my head hit the corner of a cabinet with drawers in it (no bump and doesn’t hurt now). My left foot on the left side is bruised. My right elbow is bruised. My tailbone is sore (but I also sat in my wheelchair at a friend’s house last night for 3 hours, which is not something I normally do). There is a HUGE UGLY bruise on my back which doesn’t really hurt unless I touch it, but it looks horrible.

I’m moving much slower today and using my cane as I’m sore and feel off balance.

I think the fall scared me more than hurt me. I’m glad Tom was only 10 minutes away from home. I’m fine.



I was just putting slippers on!

The rest of the day was fine. It was nice to see some friends and catch up. I didn’t make it ’til dark so I didn’t get to see any fireworks, but it was still a good day (except the falling part).

PC: Molly 🙂

I have a few things going on this week that I’d like prayer for:

  • That the pain from my fall will go away quickly
  • Wisdom as we talk to the Oncologist on Wednesday about scan results
  • Sleeping better at night – I’m exhausted and very fatigued, but struggle to sleep at night, even with a prescription strength sleeping pill.
  • We are excited to be going back to church on Sunday and catching up with our church family.  The church body has taken a fairly relaxed approach to COVID protocols over the past year and with my compromised immunity, my lungs likely wouldn’t recover from an illness.  It was too risky to be indoors without masks and appropriate distancing.  I still need to be extra careful, so I may not be able to give the hugs and hand shakes I want to right now; but I’m excited to be back and see everyone’s face. Please pray I won’t be anxious about this.

One last quick thing. We are almost halfway to our goal for the #BeTheHopeWalk on July 17th. Would you consider walking with us and/or donating? More info on the walk can be found in this post.