The weather has been lovely here…but the mid to high 80’s without any breeze has been a bit to warm for us. It has cooled off today and we are thankful for that. We love being able to escape to our back deck.

I have been able to visit with a few friends lately, including Jim and Judy Jansen who were my second parents growing up! It’s nice to be able to spend time with friends when I am up for it. Most of the time it’s a last minute thing.

The girls have seen a few friends lately and have gone to youth group a few times. They are slowly getting out of the house more and doing things with others….they really need to see friends! The nicer weather has helped! They have 2 weeks left of school and are ready to be done!

I’ll be honest, it makes me anxious as I see more things on the calendar, but so does everything right now. I’m not doing a very good job of giving those anxious thoughts to the Lord. Will you pray for that please?

Breathing still continues to be a struggle. There was about 350ml of fluid in there when we drained it last night after 3 days.

I think everyone in the family is thankful it’s the weekend. Everyone seems tired and just wants to hang out and play a video game or watch YouTube (except Tom who is still working…but I know he is very ready for the weekend! )

As you think about me, will you please pray for my lungs and that it will not hurt to breathe deeply. Also, please pray for my anxiety. I can’t really pin point it to one thing…I’m just over all feeling anxious and am struggling to give it to the Lord. Thanks friends!