Pathology Report After Surgery

We met with the surgeon this morning.  We got some good and not so good news.  The tumor in the breast shrunk down to 2.5 cm (originally over 7) and the surgeon was able to get clear margins (the tumor and enough around it).  That’s the good news.

The not so good news is that 2 out of the 3 lymph nodes that were removed during surgery had cancer cells.  The surgeon is waiting to talk to the Oncologist (hopefully today) to discuss either surgery or just radiation for other lymph nodes that are nearby the ones taken out.


Depression After Surgery

I was not prepared for Thursday afternoon.  I can’t pin point it to anything, but all of a sudden I went into this deep depression.  All I wanted to do was cry and curl up into a ball on my bed away from everyone.  Hoever, it’s uncomfortable to lay in that position and I had 2 very concerned family members in the house that didn’t think I should do that.  They wanted me to get out of the house.  I knew that I should, but I really, realy, really didn’t want to.  Like I said, I just wanted to be left alone to cry for a long time.

Nothing is horribly wrong.  Yes I have cancer, but it’s not something new.  I just had surgery a week ago and I’m feeling good, far better than I ever did on chemo.  And I don’t look as physically horrible as I thought I would after surgery.  I am sporting this lovely necklace right now… (more…)

Goodbye Drain #2

6 days after mastectomy – I met with the plastic surgeon today.  He was able to remove one drain.  Having a drain pulled out from your body isn’t the most comfortable thing and under my arm is now really sore.  But I’m still glad it’s out.  That means I’m one step closer to being able to take a shower.  The second drain is still producing about 60ml a day and it needs to be below 30ml before it can be removed.  As soon as it drops to that point, I can call the office and go in. I managed to hide the drains enough to go out in public yesterday and today.  But the drain is annoying, especially because of this crazy warm weather we are having.  I was all prepared to hide it underneath sweatshirts and it’s way to hot for that. 🙁

I’m done with the Percocet and am just taking Tylenol for pain.  This means I’ll be taking Tylenol PM tonight before bed and hopefully be able to sleep.  Plus, it’s a little cooler tonight which should help.


Surviving a Mastectomy

Surviving a Mastectomy

I am on some very strong pain meds as I write this.  Please forgive any typos!

Before I give an update on surgery I have some very exciting news! Tom trimmed my hair this morning! Woohoo! The back of my neck needed to be cleaned up so he got out his trimmer and did it. With everything I’m going through right now, it’s the little things I’m excited about! Yay for hair trimming!

Let me give a quick update on how I’m doing and then if you want to keep reading all the details about my day of surgery and procedures you can. I wrote as much down about it all as I could in hopes that it would help someone else in the future (and also for my memory which is not very good right now).

It’s Saturday, 2 days after surgery. I’m taking Percocet and a muscle relaxer for pain. I’m tired, but yet can’t sleep, mostly because it’s too uncomfortable to lay down on our bed and I don’t sleep very soundly propped up with pillows. Eventually I will be tired enough to sleep, right? 🙂

I’m really sore, especially under my arm pit, but if I’m just sitting on the bed or couch, the pain is minimal. I can eat and type with the computer on my lap, without pain. But that’s about it. Everything else hurts to do. Thanks to Tom and Mom, I don’t have to do anything. (And thanks to chemo, I don’t even have to worry about styling my hair.)

Overall, we are all surprised I’m doing as good as I am. I ate breakfast at the table this morning and sat on the sofa and played mindless games on my phone while laughing at I Love Lucy episodes with Mom.  I also sat outside in the sun with Tom as he worked for a bit in the yard. (more…)

The Night Before Surgery

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Before we talk about surgery . . .

I still have all my fingernails and toenails after my manicure and pedicure yesterday.  I’m sure you were all losing sleep worrying about that, so I just wanted to let you know that first thing.  🙂  Now that my fingers and toes are pretty, I’m ready for surgery.

Last night I celebrated with friends!  We celebrated chemo being over, my good PET scan results and just getting as far as I have in this fight.  We had dinner, chatted, prayed and just enjoyed being together.  I am so thankful for these ladies (and many others) who have helped in so many ways the past 6 months! (more…)