Let’s get a few things clear. When someone tells you it’s going to be loud, they don’t mean it’s going to be a loud humming noise and you’ll be able to listen to the music you have selected to listen to on YouTube.

What they really mean is that there are VERY LOUD PULSING BEATS FOR MINUTES AT A TIME.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, here was my experience today as I went in for a breast MRI.

When I was taken back, I got changed into two gowns and some very large pants. I answered some questions from the technician and then was taken to a semiprivate waiting area where I had an IV put in. Just a quick pinch and that was that. 🙂

Once they were ready for me we went into the scan room. I’m sure it has a technical name, but I have no idea what it is.

Now, let’s talk about the table, or the thing you lay on. It pretty funny. There are two holes in for your breasts, so when you lay down on your stomach you are not squishing them. That cracks me up – lol. There is also a “pillow” for your face to lay on. Think massage table face pillow, except next time, I’m going to stop by Gene Juarez and grab one of their face pillows on the way in as they are much more comfortable that the one I laid on, WITHOUT MOVING for 20 minutes today.

I laid on my stomach with my arms out in front of me. They gave me a ball attached to a cord to squeeze if I needed them to stop. There was a mirror down below where I was looking and I could see my hands. The mirror was at some sort of angle as it was strange to look down and see my hands that were out in front of me.

They give you ear phones with music of your choice, although the machine was so loud, I could really only hear it for the seconds inbetween the different scans. No big deal. I took that 20 minutes to pray for everyone that came to my mind . . . My husband, kids, parents, friends, etc. My arms were feeling a bit numb by the end, but nothing too bad. I didn’t feel the dye go in in the middle of the procedure through the IV, nor did I smell anything or get a funny taste in my mouth like they said was a possibility. The only thing, I felt was the IV tube get cold. (Part of it was curled around my finger to get it out of the way.)

There were a couple times I wondered if I was moving too much just breathing, but at the end she said I did well, so I guess it was ok.

When the scan was over, I was very light headed, but after I sat for a few minutes, was fine and was able to walk to the dressing room on my own. I drank a small bottle of water as we walked to the car and we grabbed a smoothie on the way home as I was hungry and thirsty.

The results will be sent to my Dr. and I should have them by mid next week. (Today is Friday, so we have the weekend in the way of getting the results sooner.)