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First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day.  Tonight is a busy night for our family, so we celebrated on Sunday evening.  The girls decorated the dining room and we enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner prepared by our favorite chef. 🙂

I’m feeling good most days.  About once a week my body hurts a lot…not sure why.  It’s that same pain from the inside out. Sometimes Tylenol helps.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  I can’t pinpoint it to anything I’m doing, but it’s annoying.  I usually end up in bed early on those days.  Other than that, I’m keeping up with our crazy busy life and am so thankful to be feeling great and healthy enough to keep up with the girls.  It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I finished chemo.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of supporting the oncology certified esthetician I’ve told you about before.  She operates out of the Breast Center at Valley Medical Center and while she has many regular paying clients, she also donates some of her services to cancer patients.  She was being interviewed by King5 News and asked a few of us to come be part of it. (more…)

Phrases Only a Cancer Patient Will Hear (or Say) . . .

Thanks to a very itchy radiation tan yesterday morning, I’ve been awake since about 4 am.  I’ve been working on updating my blog a bit (new tag could in the sidebar, post with resources for cancer patients, etc.)  I found this post draft that I wrote while going through chemo.  I’m so glad to have my hair growing back, but these are pretty funny…

Phrases only a cancer patient will hear:

Mom, can I pull some of your hair out?  It’s fun. (more…)

My New Hair Style

Woohoo!!  I have enough hair to actually do something with it!  Yay!!

Also in the vlog below are updates about my back (ouch!), reconstruction, radiation and my Zometa infusion tomorrow.  All this plus regular life stuff…sigh…

Oh, and I got another tattoo today.  That makes 3.  🙂 (more…)

Going Out Without My Hair On

Going Out Without My Hair On

My head is spinning with so much to write.  Sorry if this post is a bit random because of that.  I know I need to write thank you notes and respond to many blog comments and letters.  I will try to do that soon.  I don’t feel like I’m doing much, but yet the days go by fast.

Well, it happened.  I was in public today without a wig or hat on.  It was workout.  No makeup or a hat.  I’m living the life! 🙂

I’ve decided I hate working out with a hat on.  So there.  Off it came.  My friends are amazing and it didn’t phase them a bit (love them!!)  My friend’s sweet 4 year old told her mom, “Look, she went out without her hair on today.”  And then went back to playing.  How cute is that?  Another friend’s two little boys took a few minutes to process it, but then went on to playing.  Life continues to just go on the same as it did before, even without my hair going with it.


Hair Shaving Party

Hair Shaving Party

My fabulous head shaving party on Friday has come and gone.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to seeing my bald head in the mirror, even if people say I don’t look as different as they thought I would.

While I’m not ready to go out in public without a hat or wig, beware . . . if you scroll down I’m posting pictures of my newly shaved head.

This cancer journey definitely seems more real with this new look I’m sporting.  I know it’s just hair.  If I stop treatment long enough, it will grow back.  I know that.  It’s just strange.  It’s a new normal that I’m not used to yet.

But back to the shaving party . . .


Going Out Without My Hair On

Attack of the Cranial Prosthesis

Well, I’ve had to leave church early for different reasons over the years.  But today, I had to leave because my cranial prosthesis (AKA wig) was making me nauseous.  (It’s not fitting correctly and I think it’s too tight.)  Haha!!  That’s a first.

As the pastor was praying that our minds would not be distracted by situations in our lives (finances, health, work, etc.) I was sitting there thinking about my wig that was making me sick.  Seriously, sick.  Unfortunately I didn’t think ahead and put a hat in my purse and I’m just not ready to go out in public with my new bald look, so we left. 🙁 As soon as we got out of the building I ripped it off and felt so much better.  Seriously never thought that would be a distraction at church. Guess I will be listening to the sermon online this week . . .


Going Out Without My Hair On

Nausea and Hair Loss

It’s 10:28 at night on Thursday night.  I’m the only one awake in the house right now.  I’m trying to decide if I feel nauseous or am just worried I’m feeling nauseous . . . took another nausea medicine just to be safe.

Maybe it’s because I keep thinking this is the last night I’m sleeping with hair, wondering if it will ever have a chance to grow back between treatments.

Or what will it be like for the man sleeping next to me, who has been with me as a boyfriend or husband for over half of his life, to see me without hair tomorrow?  He says it won’t matter, but I tear up just thinking about it. 🙁

Hoping the Tylenol PM kicks in soon . . .


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