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Thanks to a very itchy radiation tan yesterday morning, I’ve been awake since about 4 am.  I’ve been working on updating my blog a bit (new tag could in the sidebar, post with resources for cancer patients, etc.)  I found this post draft that I wrote while going through chemo.  I’m so glad to have my hair growing back, but these are pretty funny…

Phrases only a cancer patient will hear:

Mom, can I pull some of your hair out?  It’s fun.

(While watching your husband put cornstarch over some Halloween makeup on your 10 year old because you are too tired to do it) “After you trick or treat, we can use your makeup to thicken a sauce.”  (OK, so maybe that’s more like something a chef wife would hear, but it cracked me up.)

Mom, if your hair falls out before Halloween, you can be a Zombie.

Can I have your hair dryer when you don’t need it any more?

Mom I really think you won’t like it if you lose your eyelashes.  You might want to think about getting some fake ones just in case.

Mom, I told my friends at school you were going to be bald and they didn’t believe me.

Woohoo!  I need to shave my legs this morning!

You really don’t look as different as I thought you would without hair.  (Then why in the world have I wasted my time cutting, styling it all these years??  Hmmmmm!!)

I just got ready in 10 minutes!  (Having no hair makes it so much easier to get ready.  Throw a hat on and I’m done!)


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