Yesterday I spent a few hours at Valley Medical Center.  It was actually a nice visit there, for once.  🙂  No pain and actually a little pampering.

I started off with an appointment with a oncology licensed oncology certified aesthetician who was amazing.  Christina operates out of the Breast Center at Valley and not only sees regular customers, but works with patients going through cancer treatments.  She shaped my eyebrows which are growing back wherever they want and tinted them so small amount of hair that is there, looks darker.  Christina has an amazing heart and passion for helping women going through cancer.  As a business owner, she chooses to donate sessions to patients going through cancer treatment.  It was a nice surprise to not have a bill at the end of my session with her.  She is so sweet and caring and such a joy to be around.   It was so nice to be in the Breast Center for something positive instead of negative!  So if you are up in that area and need a facial, relaxing massage, etc, make sure to look her up.  She’s wonderful!

When we were talking, I told her about the day of my surgery and the caring technician who was with me during my very long and painful wire localization procedure the day of my surgery.  With the help of a nurse, they were able to find Debbie and I was able to thank her for her support that day.  It was amazing.  How often do we get to go back and thank a nurse ofrtechnician that really went above and beyond to help us?  What a blessing that was.

After that, I headed over to the Infusion center to have my port flushed.  It worked right away!  Woohoo!!  It was nice to walk in there feeling great and knowing I would walk out feeling great as well.  I loved seeing everyone again too. 🙂

Before I left, I went over to visit a friend who just had a baby there a few hours before.  Another great reason to be at the hospital!!  I wish all days there could be like that.

Drain #1 is at 30ml this morning for the first time, so I’m hopeful the Plastic Surgeon will take it out tomorrow.  I also have an appointment with an OB tomorrow to talk about having my ovaries removed.  Unfortunately the appointments are 3 hours apart, so I guess I’ll be hitting the gym in between.

I’m headed to Bible Study this morning and then to do a few errands.  Not much else to report except that I’m feeling good! 🙂