I got a tattoo this morning.  Well actually two of them.  They are just little dots.  Nothing special.  Supposedly they look like a freckle, but THERE ARE SO MANY SHARPIE MARKS ON ME, I can’t really see them very well yet.  Sigh.

This morning, I had my measurement appointment for radiation.

I started off in the gown changing room, where I put on a very stylish hospital gown and locked my clothes and purse up in a locker.

Then I was taken into a room and the technicians explained what they were going to do today.

They started off by lining me up (centering my body) on the table of the CT machine.  It’s not the most comfortable table, but at least it’s long enough so my feet didn’t hang off.  🙂

They did a CT scan with me just breathing regularly.

The Radiation Oncologist looked at the scan and then made marks with a sharpie all over my chest and sternum and under my arm.  I now have my own personal sharpie, labeled with my name, that will stay at the Dr. and be used each treatment as needed.

Then they explained the Active Breathing Control (ABC) Device that I will be using when they are treating one of the targeted areas.  I believe this is to move my chest wall up as far away from the organs underneath and also to keep me still.  It looks a little like a snorkel, but as you breathe in, just before you get to a really big breath, a little balloon inflates inside, not allowing you to breathe in or out any more.

At first I thought the whole “stopping you from breathing thing” would freak me out, but it’s not a big deal at all.  As soon as I can’t breathe in any more, I hold still by trying to breathe out (which it won’t allow me to do) and then after about 10 seconds, it allows me to breath out.  The only part that stinks is the very uncomfortable nose plug they put on your nose so you don’t accidentally breathe in our out of your nose instead of your mouth.

Next they did another scan with me using the ABC device.

When they were done, one of the technicians gave me two little tattoos that they will use to make sure to hit the same area each time.

I made my next appointment for my “practice” radiation treatment for June 14th and radiation will officially start on June 20th.  At my next appointment, we’ll set up the daily appointments.

The Dr. and the technicians all talked about sun exposure over the summer and how I will need to keep that area covered.  I’m ready with my pop-up sun shade from Costco and I guess I’ll be wearing a t-shirt over my bathing suit when I’m not in the shade.  This all should make for an interesting summer…

I check in for surgery on Friday at 9 am to have my ovaries removed.  Tom is off that day and the weekend and will be working for home for the early part of next week as I start to recover.  I had no reaction to the Vicodin I took on Sunday, so that’s the plan for the pain.

As you pray for our family, will you please pray for surgery on Friday, and as quick of a recovery as possible as there is a lot going on because of the end of the school year.  Also, that I will be able to make it to the girl’s first piano recital on Sunday afternoon.  Thanks friends!