Chemo, MRI, Fluid on Lungs….

I love this new quick chemo! My blood work came back quickly today and the chemo takes between 3-5 minutes to give. I love how quick that is! Today, I also got a bag of fluid as I waited for my labs to come back.

While I was there today, Dr. Leung stopped by. We talked about how my pain is much more under control and how I’m not having to use short acting pain pills during the day as often. He was pleased that I am less bloated. (I am pleased as well, although I think I still have a little bit more to go.)


Back Home, New Chemo and Pain Management

A lot has happened since I wrote last. My attention span isn’t very long, but I’ll try my best to give you an update.

I came home from the hospital with a pain management plan and a bowel management plan. Ready or not….we were headed back home!

Once we got home, thanks to Amazon and a medical supply store near the hospital, we got a few things to make things possible for me to function at home without Tom having to help me with everything! I am using a cane to keep me steady as I walk. We have a long reach toilet aid tool…quickly moving on…a bed assist rail, a beautiful new toilet seat with handles, a handle in the shower for balance and a grabber/reacher tool so I can pick things up off the floor (or try and pinch the girls).

I feel so old!



IV Chemo Week 2

Chemo went well on Monday and the early part of the week I felt pretty good. Wednesday was actually the best day I have had in a long time. I felt great! I had a lot of energy and enjoyed being out of bed. I was careful not to over do it. It was still a relaxing day, but I felt great!

The difference between yesterday (Wednesday) and today is huge. I was tired last night and was asleep by 8. I slept ’til 8:30 this morning and when I woke up, I was so fatigued that even lifting my arm felt like too much work. My body feels very heavy and I’m so weak and tired….the kind of tired that doesn’t get better with rest. Laying down feels like I’m doing too much. It’s a hard thing to explain. I’ve been in bed all day and still feel about the same. My brain feels foggy and i can’t believe it’s already the evening. Where did the day go??

Along with my chemo on Monday, I had my monthly Zometa infusion. The side effects from that might be part of what I’m feeling today. Who knows….


3 Days After Chemo

So far I’m doing pretty well after chemo on Monday. I’ve been tired and my back and side pain continue and I felt a little nauseous this morning. Overall, I’m doing really well. No complaints. I’m curious how next week will go.

Christy and I headed out to the wig store this morning to look at halo wigs and hats….and they are closed on Thursdays. UGH! So instead we had a lovely time driving to Federal Way to get a smoothie and McDonalds. LOL. I woke up feeling unsure emotionally about trying on hats and wigs today, so maybe that was for the best.