Not much new to report….

I got my pain pump refilled on Tuesday.  I woke up in a lot of pain Thursday. I’m not sure if that’s related.

I’m sleeping a lot. Some days I’m only awake 3 hours.

My pain is slowly getting worse.  My pain pump was turned up on the 19th and again on Tuesday. Even with that, I’m having to take more and more oxy for pain all over my body.

My hands and fingers are very shaky and jerky from all the pain meds.

My college friends are up here for our every other year reunion. I’m so thankful they are coming up here this year so I can see them

Overall, I’m doing OK…. just dealing with pain, fatigue and shortness of breath.

Short and brief today because I’m so tired. Sorry.

PS: I still haven’t written about the amazing spa day my aesthetician and some of her friends did for the girls and I. It was amazing!