I started a new chemo plan today – Gemzar and Carboplatin. My oncologist said it will be a little bit harder on my body but it will attack the cancer a different way.

I feel fine so far, but what he said makes me nervous. He said it’s nothing like my body was hit with originally 5 years ago. But 5 years ago I was in fabulous shape. Today, I needed a wheelchair to get into the infusion center. My body is not quite the same now as it was then.

Please pray it will do it’s job and kill cancer cells. Please also pray my body will tolerate it well. If it does not, I do not plan to continue it as quality of life is more important to me right now than quantity.

Please also keep praying for pain. I have a referral to talk to an anesthesiologist about an Intrathecal Pump since I am on such high doses of pain meds.

Overall, please just pray for the Lord’s will. My body is weak and weary. Thanks. 🙂