I’ve now completed the first cycle with this new chemo. I’m very fatigued and have some nausea off and on, which Compazine takes care of. I also have a funny taste in my mouth most of the time. So far, those are the main side effects. I’m taking 80% of the full dose I’m allowed and after talking to the Dr. today, we are going to leave it at that. This next week I have off of chemo and then the following week I’ll start up again. We’ll scan again after 3 or 4 cycles to see how this medicine is working.

My pain is under control with the Fentanyl patches and Oxy, but since I am on the high end of what I can take with both of those drugs, it looks like I need to go ahead with the pain pump. The surgery is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday the 18th, checking in at 11 am. While I’m nervous about the size of the device itself, I can’t find much online about people complaining about it once it’s in. So I guess I’ve decided yes about it after praying and talking to the doctors and Tom.

During the Dr. appointment today, we also talked a little about my DNR (Do No Resuscitate) plan. Tom and I have talked about it before….no CPR, no ventilator….etc. The Dr. agreed and said at this point my body can’t handle those things as it’s too weak. He was very kind and gentle with his words, which Tom and I were thankful for. We are pretty blunt when we talk about these things together, but I’m sure not everyone else is.

Tom’s mom is up here for a week to visit us. It’s so nice to see her and spend time with her. 🙂 We don’t have any plans, just spending time together. She wants to cook for us and is helping with laundry which we really appreciate!