Another day at the infusion center…a long day….an hour longer than normal.

It started with waiting 15 minutes to get a room.

Then another 15 to see my nurse.

Then my first port access didn’t feel right, almost like saline was just going in my body and not in the vein through the port. Something was definitely not right! So I was poked again.

Then blood was drawn. She realized 10 minutes later she needed more for an additional test. Not a big deal, just more time.

Meds took forever to come. My chemo didn’t even get to me untill 3 hours after my appt started. The pharmacists said they somehow didn’t see it. Hum….well thanks.

I didn’t have anything else to do, so it’s not a big deal. Things usually go so smoothly. But not today! Oh well. 🙂

Because everything was taking so long I had the chance to talk for a while with my oncologist when he stopped by. That was great!

Since I don’t usually see him in person, just over zoom, it was nice to see him face to face. Here’s what we talked about:

• Im up to 160 on the scale (very bloated and definitely constipated). So I’ve have gained 10lbs in the past month.
• I think I might have restless leg syndrome. If it’s not bad, I should just deal with it or I have to take another pill. He would rather not have to give me another pill, but will if I need it.
• 4 days to wean off of my steroid is ok.
• If I don’t have a bowel movement one day, drink some magnesium citrate the next. Don’t let it go too long.
• My back pain is possibly from bloating and constipation. Scans will show more.
• I moved my 2 scans up a week because of pain – CT is Wed. the 17th and my bone scan is Tuesday the 23rd.
• My breathing sounded really good.
• Either COVID shot is fine to get.
• Alprazolam is fine to take multiple times a day.
• I can use Lunesta and Alprazolam to sleep! Hooray!