I woke up not feeling very good this morning. But that didn’t matter because I still had to get up and have a covid test and go to chemo. My heart rate was in the 120’s so they gave me a bag of fluid and that brought it down. I have never seen it stay that high before.

Tomorrow I go in for surgery. Sage asked me tonight what I was scared or anxious about. I told her I couldn’t pinpoint it to one thing. It was just the surgery in general that is making me anxious. She asked if she could pray with me. What mom could say no to that? I am thankful for that sweet time with my daughter this evening. Molly could tell I was anxious as well and came in and sat beside me on the bed for a while. And I’ve gotten extra hugs and kisses from Ashley. It’s interesting how each daughter cares for me in a different way.

My surgery is scheduled to start around 12:30 or 1. With the length of surgery and recovery I am not sure I will be able to get a blog post out tomorrow night. So if not tomorrow night, the next day.

Thanks for praying for me and our family through this next difficult part of our lives.