Portless (Is that a word?)

My port is gone.  The procedure was done in about 20 minutes.  The numbing process wasn’t comfortable, but once that was over, I didn’t feel anything.

It feels very strange to put my hand where the port used to be and have it be flat.  It’s like something is missing.

I asked the surgeon if I could take a picture of it.  I knew you would all want to see it too!  You’re welcome!  🙂 (more…)

Stubborn Port and Oncology Appointment

Quick update from today . . .

My port was stubborn again today, but they got it working before we left.  🙂

I met with the oncologist today.  He feels the tumor has softened on the top and the bottom, but it has not shrunk in size.  He felt around for the lymph node that we know is infected and larger, but couldn’t find it.  So it’s either hiding from us or has shrunk.  We hope it’s the latter.

There is no plan to do a scan until after surgery, unless the surgeon wants it.  We’ll know more about that as time gets closer.


A Vlog Before I Lose My Hair

I thought I’d change things up a little today and post a vlog post instead of a blog post.  (Plus, I’m bored and let’s face it, my hobbies all revolve around the computer.)

Update after the video – Went in for my lab work today and the port was blocked.  Apparently this is common – something like a little scab blocks the tube and they have to unblock it to draw blood or give me the medication.  🙁  They gave me some meds to break up the blockage and after 30 minutes tired again with no luck.  We decided to have them draw the blood from my arm so we could get home to be with the girls.  They will try again tomorrow and if needed will give me the meds again to take care of the problem.


October 16, 2015

Friends who come by and pick up your curtains that need to be hemmed and hem them so your bedroom looks nicer, friends who carve pumpkins with your kids, a Dad who gives airline miles to a friend for a future trip up, flowers from college friends, a last minute meal when I was feeling overwhelmed, a breast cancer bracelet in the mail, lots of texts, blog comments and emails with verses and encouraging words, emails from total strangers who are willing to share their story with you and how God has used their journey with cancer to draw them closer to Him, a husband who gives up most of what little space is next to his side of the bed so you can be more comfortable . . . I am overwhelmed (in a good way).

Carving pumpkins with 6 kids on the driveway - I have one brave friend!!

Carving pumpkins with 6 kids on the driveway – I have one brave friend!!

I had trouble sleeping last night because it wasn’t comfortable to lay on either side.  Hopefully that will change, but we’ll see.  Also managed to pull a muscle in my lower back while up in the middle of the night. 🙁  Good times . . . happy to have pain meds and ibuprofen.


Port Surgery

It’s about 12:45 and I’m already home from having the port put in today.

Tom and I were up about 5:30am and he skipped out to Starbucks to enjoy his coffee so the smell would not torture me since I couldn’t have any!

We had a 7 am check-in time, so my sweet friend Amy sacrificed some sleep to be at our home at 6:15 and help get the girls up and ready for school.  That’s early!!  We prayed together, chatted about the morning and then Tom and I headed out.

During registration, a man came up to us and asked us if we were S’s parents.  (Protecting the privacy of our girls on here.  He obviously used her name.)  Once he said that, I recognized him in his scrubs.  James (who has 2 girls that are friends with our 10 year old,) works there and it was nice to see someone familiar, even though we have only met a couple times.  He went into the surgical prep area ahead of us and told everyone he knew us and to take good care of me.  So funny.  Even the surgeon mentioned him!