My port is gone.  The procedure was done in about 20 minutes.  The numbing process wasn’t comfortable, but once that was over, I didn’t feel anything.

It feels very strange to put my hand where the port used to be and have it be flat.  It’s like something is missing.

I asked the surgeon if I could take a picture of it.  I knew you would all want to see it too!  You’re welcome!  🙂

Yuck…sorry about the blood, but about 10 minutes before I took this picture, this port was inside of me.

I was a little shaky and light headed after the procedure, so I grabbed a latte and enjoyed that before driving home.

Now I’m home resting until the girls get off the bus around 3:25. 🙂  I’m still a bit shaky and light headed, so I’m glad I have a few hours to rest!