I thought I’d change things up a little today and post a vlog post instead of a blog post.  (Plus, I’m bored and let’s face it, my hobbies all revolve around the computer.)

Update after the video – Went in for my lab work today and the port was blocked.  Apparently this is common – something like a little scab blocks the tube and they have to unblock it to draw blood or give me the medication.  🙁  They gave me some meds to break up the blockage and after 30 minutes tired again with no luck.  We decided to have them draw the blood from my arm so we could get home to be with the girls.  They will try again tomorrow and if needed will give me the meds again to take care of the problem.

Also, Our 7 year old is not feeling well now.  We have a backup plan for her tomorrow, but please pray for her as well.


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