Friends who come by and pick up your curtains that need to be hemmed and hem them so your bedroom looks nicer, friends who carve pumpkins with your kids, a Dad who gives airline miles to a friend for a future trip up, flowers from college friends, a last minute meal when I was feeling overwhelmed, a breast cancer bracelet in the mail, lots of texts, blog comments and emails with verses and encouraging words, emails from total strangers who are willing to share their story with you and how God has used their journey with cancer to draw them closer to Him, a husband who gives up most of what little space is next to his side of the bed so you can be more comfortable . . . I am overwhelmed (in a good way).

Carving pumpkins with 6 kids on the driveway - I have one brave friend!!

Carving pumpkins with 6 kids on the driveway – I have one brave friend!!

I had trouble sleeping last night because it wasn’t comfortable to lay on either side.  Hopefully that will change, but we’ll see.  Also managed to pull a muscle in my lower back while up in the middle of the night. 🙁  Good times . . . happy to have pain meds and ibuprofen.

Tom and I are working like crazy to get the house really organized and to make sure he knows where everything is.  For the past 11 years, I have done everything around the house and he has done everything outside the house (the job that brings in the money).  That’s just what we do.  So he needs to know what doesn’t get dried in the dryer, where the Windex is, where I access bills, etc.

After he had a tooth pulled this morning (never a dull moment in our home, right?) we napped and chatted about home stuff for a while. While talking, he cooked.  (Chef wives . . . restaurant quantities of course.  He says, “We need a bigger cutting board,” as he’s chopping a bunch of onions. #alwaysleftovers

Yay for a few gallons of yummy soup!  I am going to be SO SAD if I lose my sense of taste!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to visiting with friends tomorrow and praying we can get some sleep tonight!