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Quick update from today . . .

My port was stubborn again today, but they got it working before we left.  🙂

I met with the oncologist today.  He feels the tumor has softened on the top and the bottom, but it has not shrunk in size.  He felt around for the lymph node that we know is infected and larger, but couldn’t find it.  So it’s either hiding from us or has shrunk.  We hope it’s the latter.

There is no plan to do a scan until after surgery, unless the surgeon wants it.  We’ll know more about that as time gets closer.

Tom is back home safe from his work conference at a beautiful winery in Eastern Washington.  He slept a total of 7 hours in 3 days, so that’s about all I know about his trip, except that it went well.  I’m happy to have him home!  🙂

I’m feeling good tonight.  It’s a bummer I have to go to chemo tomorrow . . .

I also found out that a link wasn’t working correctly in my blog post yesterday, so if you missed the resource page for family and friends, here it is.  Sorry about that.

Thanks for praying with us.

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