I’m pretty shaky from all the narcotics I’m on, so we’ll see how this update goes…

I’m sleeping better with oxygen.  That’s a praise! I’m still sleeping a lot during the day,  but not quite as much.

My pain is still not under control, so when the infusion nurse comes out on Friday to refill my pump, she is also going to change the amount of medicine that is constantly going in my body. It’s not changing by a lot, but hopefully it will do something.

The pain is the worst at my hips and right shoulder. It’s ok when I’m laying down, but moving and walking hurts. I tried a diclofenac patch and a heating pad on those areas (not at the same time), but neither helped.

It’s been busy around the house as school starts a week from tomorrow. The girls are all very excited to go back. I hope that lasts more than one day!

I still have an appetite. My current diet is Lemon Noosa Yogurt, Creamsicles and See’s butterscotch suckers. I do eat whatever is made for dinner and occasionally something different for lunch, but those are my 3 favorites things right now. It’s very healthy, I know. 🙂 When the Dr. says to eat what ever tastes good, who am I to argue with the Dr?

Well that’s it for now. I will write more later.