That’s it.

I think I was awake for about 3 hours yesterday, the day before, and so far today. I am about to nap again….

It’s hard to keep up with my pain journal on my phone so we are moving to paper in hopes that I won’t fall asleep while writing a few notes in it.

My pain pump medicine was increased yesterday and I’m starting to take more oxy for all over pain.

I meet with the Hospice nurse tomorrow. They are going to continue my constipation medicine. I am so thankful for that! I will meet my permanent nurse tomorrow. While she is new to Providence. She is not new to Hospice. I am thankful for that too. Both my Pallative Care ARNP and I called a few people on Monday and got a few things clarified. I’m feeling much better about my care now.

I know many of you want to visit, but right now all I can do is sleep. I fall asleep while writing texts. I’m sorry. Thanks for understanding.