Attack of the Cranial Prosthesis

Attack of the Cranial Prosthesis

Well, I’ve had to leave church early for different reasons over the years.  But today, I had to leave because my cranial prosthesis (AKA wig) was making me nauseous.  (It’s not fitting correctly and I think it’s too tight.)  Haha!!  That’s a first.

As the pastor was praying that our minds would not be distracted by situations in our lives (finances, health, work, etc.) I was sitting there thinking about my wig that was making me sick.  Seriously, sick.  Unfortunately I didn’t think ahead and put a hat in my purse and I’m just not ready to go out in public with my new bald look, so we left. 🙁 As soon as we got out of the building I ripped it off and felt so much better.  Seriously never thought that would be a distraction at church. Guess I will be listening to the sermon online this week . . .


I Made it to Workout!  Woohoo!

I Made it to Workout! Woohoo!

Workout Class AKA torture from my friend Shira

Now don’t read too much into the title.  By workout, I mean Shira told everyone what to do and I either did it slower than normal, with less weight than normal or changed it completely.  But I made it there (even drove myself) and made it through!  I am very excited.

One thing I didn’t expect was what the port felt like when I jogged.  It kind of feels like it’s bouncing or moving.  I ended up just gently putting my hand on it because it felt weird.  No pain, just weird.  Also a sports bra is the first thing to really annoy the port area.  It’s just tight and sits right on it.

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