Cancer Changes the Way You Think of Things

I’m sure it’s probably not a surprise, but having a stage 4 cancer diagnosis really changes the way you think of things.  Obviously it changes how you think about family and friends, but surprisingly it makes you think differently when shopping (at least for me).

Before I tell you about my trip to Target yesterday, let me assure you that I’m still being pretty successful at living in today and not worrying about the future.  But with that said, here’s where my thoughts went when I was at Target shopping yesterday ., . .

I needed a new golf umbrella to get to and from the bus stop.  I was about to buy a cute polkadot one, but as I started to walk away I thought, “When I die, Tom isn’t going to want to use a polkadot umbrella to walk to the bus!  I should buy the black one.”  So I put it back and bought the black one. (more…)

I Made it to Workout!  Woohoo!

I Made it to Workout! Woohoo!

Workout Class AKA torture from my friend Shira

Now don’t read too much into the title.  By workout, I mean Shira told everyone what to do and I either did it slower than normal, with less weight than normal or changed it completely.  But I made it there (even drove myself) and made it through!  I am very excited.

One thing I didn’t expect was what the port felt like when I jogged.  It kind of feels like it’s bouncing or moving.  I ended up just gently putting my hand on it because it felt weird.  No pain, just weird.  Also a sports bra is the first thing to really annoy the port area.  It’s just tight and sits right on it.

Telling your Children you have Cancer

Telling your children you have cancer . . . Ugh!

I have been dreading this day since we first got the news.  How in the world do you go about explaining everything that is going on to your 10, 7, and 6 year old?  I remember hearing my parents tell me my Mom had cancer, but I was an adult. 🙁

We decided to wait to tell them until we knew as much as possible.  So today was the day.

The day started off with many people praying for us as they knew we would be talking to the girls.

I took the younger two out to get doughnuts while my husband talked with our 10 year old.  We figured it would be the hardest on her and she would have the most questions.  We were right.


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