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Telling your children you have cancer . . . Ugh!

I have been dreading this day since we first got the news.  How in the world do you go about explaining everything that is going on to your 10, 7, and 6 year old?  I remember hearing my parents tell me my Mom had cancer, but I was an adult. 🙁

We decided to wait to tell them until we knew as much as possible.  So today was the day.

The day started off with many people praying for us as they knew we would be talking to the girls.

I took the younger two out to get doughnuts while my husband talked with our 10 year old.  We figured it would be the hardest on her and she would have the most questions.  We were right.

When the girls and I got home, we all sat down as a family and Tom told the other two.  They had some questions and looked upset.  It’s hard to know what they really understand.

As the day went on, lots of tears and questions came up.  Some very funny ones about wigs and losing my hair from our 6 year old.  She also made me a few cards and art projects and gave me lots of hugs.  Our 7 year old said one time that she was just trying not to think about it.

Lots and lots of tears from our oldest as the day went on.  She said over and over again how worried she is about me dying.  We made sure to encourage her to keep asking questions and talking to us.  Each time we stopped what we were doing to talk and hold her.  I’m sure this will happen a lot more in the days to come.  She mentioned several times that it doesn’t seem real.  It still doesn’t to us either.  🙁  Through the tears and questions, I had lot of opportunities to talk with her about God.  I pray that in the days to come I will have many more chances to share the gospel with each of the girls.

As I close this post, I will be walking into the girls’ room to say goodnight to our oldest.  I am hoping melatonin has kicked in and she has fallen asleep, otherwise, I’m concerned it’s going to be a hard night for us all.

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