Scanxiety 2.0

It’s that time of year again…time for a scan.  A PET scan to be exact.

I am so thankful I blogged throughout this journey, as I’ve been able to go back and see how I was feeling last year before my scan and remind myself that I did, in fact, survive Scanxiety 1.0 twelve months ago, and I’m sure I will survive Scanxiety 2.0 this week.

As I read back on what I was feeling a year ago, I am feeling pretty much the same way…anxious thoughts…pray…repeat…anxious thoughts….ouch my back is hurting again…pray…etc. (more…)

MRI ordered

I met with the oncologist today. The pain in my sciatica is definitely getting worse, and it’s starting to hurt now when I walk. The oncologist said that back pain from cancer usually has more of a throbbing all over pain, instead of a shooting pain like mine is. However, because of my breast cancer, he ordered an MRI so we can make sure that it is just sciatica pain. Based on those results will go forward with treatment. If it’s just sciatica pain and I will start working with my general practitioner to solve the problem. If it’s something else then we’ll go from there.

The MRI has already been ordered. Please pray that the insurance approves it fast and then I can get it scheduled soon.

A Birthday and a Request

Today would have been my Mom’s 69th birthday.  I miss her so much!  I’m doing fine today, just thought I’d mention it. 🙂  Happy Birthday in Heaven Mom!  (Here’s a post I wrote a few years ago if you are interested.)

The real reason I’m writing today is to ask you to pray for me as I await my appointment on Friday.  I have a check-up with the oncologist at 11 am.

3 weeks ago I started having sciatica pain.  I tried to manage it with stretching and exercises but ended up at the Dr. as it wasn’t getting any better.  She prescribed steroids and muscle relaxers which helped.  However, as the steroids are tapering off and now ending, the pain is coming back, even though I continue to do all the strengthening and stretching exercises. 🙁


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