The word community comes up a lot as I talk with others who are fighting cancer or going through other difficult times in their lives.  It’s encouraging to hear from on-line and in-person friends about the community that supports them day in and day out.  I’ve talked about it briefly before and shared about the book Just Show Up, that I loved (and cried all the way through).  Every day I am thankful for my community (you) that “shows up” for us by praying, calling, texting, emailing, helping in our home, etc.  I can’t imagine being on this journey without you.  It would be so much harder than it already is.

After my very depressing blog post last week, I’ve gathered a few more resources for the times when I am really down and discouraged.  I have verses (with cute flowers around them) ready to go and I have Pandora on multiple devices, ready with worship music, at the click of a button.  This is how I’m going to fight this hopelessness I was feeling last week when it returns.  And no more thinking I don’t need help when Tom’s gone.  I had a back-up plan for this morning, which I didn’t need, dinner being brought by a friend tonight and friends coming to help with the girls after school.  I am ready and Tom is not worrying about us while he’s working!  My community is showing up and I’m so thankful for the help!

Last week I got something totally unexpected in the mail that I wanted to tell you about.  I wrote previously about my latest Stitch-Fix box and how they customized it with comfy clothes for me as I was going through chemo.  I thanked them for the great box on their Facebook page and left a link to my blog post about it.  On Monday, There was a package from Stitch Fix on my porch.  It wasn’t my next box of clothes, but instead a gift of a beautiful blanket and a Fitbit.  Enclosed was this note:

Dear Jennifer,

We came across your amazing Stitch Fix blog post review on our Facebook and were so truly inspired to read not only this review, but your inspiring, heartfelt website in general.  It is strong, brave and beautiful women like yourself that keeps us loving what we do, day in and day out.  We read your post from January 6th about being 1/3 of the way through chemo and we wanted to send you some special gifts to mark this milestone as well as send over our positive healing vibes and best wishes your way as you continue on this journey back to health.  Please enjoy this cozy blanket to keep you warm and comfy through the remainder of your treatment.  Also, we read you’re going to start joining your husband at the gym once a week, so please enjoy this Fitbit which has a 2 year warranty, to keep track of your amazing progress.  We hope you get some comfort and enjoyment from these small tokens of our support.  May brighter days lie ahead!

All Our Love,

Your Stitch Fix Family

20160125_120402 (495x500)

Wow!  What an encouraging note and sweet gift, from a group of people I’ve never met!  Amazing!

I have been enjoying the Fitbit as I have been able to go to the gym the past couple weeks.  It’s nice to get moving again.  On the days when I’m totally exhausted, while exercising doesn’t give me more energy, it doesn’t make the fatigue worse.  So it’s better to go than to just sit at home.  As long as I can drive, I go.

In other news . . .

Sometimes it hard to decide if it’s worth it to take a medicine because of the side effects.  The Tramadol that I take for pain works great, but it totally stops up by entire system.  GRRR.  So instead of having to deal with pain, I have to deal with that.  I’m not willing to lie in bed for 2 days in pain, so I’m managing the side effects.  It’s just annoying!!  Tomorrow is usually a very hard day physically, so I decided to take one more day of the pain meds to see if that helps.

I’m finishing up a month long devotional about not letting life’s circumstances consume your life.  It’s been soooooo good, I’ve decided to do it again next month.  More on that another time . . .

As our family comes to mind, would you please pray:

  • For strength on Wednesday morning for the next round of chemo.
  • Wisdom and strength for Tom as he works on a new restaurant opening (which will include a little traveling this month) and balancing that with taking care of us at home.
  • Still waiting to hear about financial aid from the hospital . . .

If there is something specific I can pray for you, please email me and let me know!

So much to be thankful for . . .



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