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If you have to get poison pumped into you each week, you might as well dress cute and comfy for it, right?

Last month I went on line and was going to reschedule my 8th Stitch Fix, which was set to come in December. (More details from my past fixes can be found here.) I don’t go out of the house much and just wear comfy clothes around the house most of the time. Because of that, I really didn’t need anything new. But instead of canceling, I decided to write a note to my stylist, letting her know I was going through chemo and asking her to select really comfy and soft clothes for this next fix.

I’m so glad I did!

Monday night, Sara and I had a small Stitch Fix box opening party. (My cousin Amie and friend Lauren were there too. And they surprised me with a couple Stitch Fix gift cards which was so sweet!)

I loved everything that was sent. 2 of the items didn’t fit, thanks to the 10 lbs. I’ve gained between the cruise, not being very active because of chemo and Tom’s cooking. But 3 fit perfect and I even snagged one thing from Sara’s box that she was going to send back.

Stitch Fix for Chemo Patients

This was not in my box but Sara’s. She was going to send it back in, but I loved it and bought it from her! It’s just a comfortable sweatshirt, but I love the back of it!

Stitch Fix for Chemo Patients

Back of the sweatshirt

Stitch Fix for Chemo Patients

I think this is my favorite from the box. I wore it to chemo today with my wig (which looks better than the black hat in the picture.)

Stitch Fix for Chemo Patients

Cute black and grey knit shirt. I just love the “fanciness” of it.  It’s not just a boring t-shirt.

Stitch Fix for Chemo Patients

This gray waffle shirt is so comfy. It has cute zippers on the side too, that are being covered by my arms in the picture.

I’m so glad I didn’t cancel this box and I’m thankful to have a few more cute and comfy things to wear in the months ahead as I endure chemo once a week. 🙁

In other news . . .

Chemo went well today. I was there for less time, even with having my labs done today. That was nice. I slept for part of it because 2 of the premeds made me so sleepy.

Stitch Fix for Chemo Patients

Wearing my new Stitch Fix shirt to Chemo this morning. It’s so nice to get dressed and feel pretty, but still be in comfy clothes! Most of the time, I’m just in ugly comfy clothes with a bald head or just a hat around the house.

With this new drug, the chance of nausea is less.   There are a few other side effects to watch out for, but since I’m getting it every week in such a small dose, the nurse seemed to think I shouldn’t get hit too hard with those. She did however say fatigue would continue to get worse and to keep an eye on the peripheral neuropathy as it comes up.

How to pray specifically . . .

  • Minimal peripheral neuropathy (numbness and tingling in my hands, feet and possibly even arms).
  • Minimal side effects from this new medicine
  • Sleeping well at night and if I do wake up early, for my mind not to start thinking and worrying so much that I can’t go back to sleep.

So much to be thankful for . . .

  • My salvation – a gift that just amazes me every day as I don’t deserve it
  • God’s peace
  • First chemo infusion with this new drug is done!  Woohoo!!
  • Family who love and take care of me from near and far
  • Friends who pop by unannounced with little treats (like Lemon Coffee Cake) just to let you know they are thinking of you

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