My PET scan is done and was uneventful.  🙂

Here was my view as I was being injected with the radioactive isotope that will light up on the scan if there are any clusters of cancer cells. 


While receiving this, I was in a little “cabin” that looked like wood, but apparently is led.  Tom and the technician left the “cabin” as I sat there for 45 minutes to let the radioactive stuff move around my system.  No pain, or strange feeling, but the fact that the syringe with the isotope in it had to be in led, as well as the room I was in was led…lovely.  Let’s just not think about that, OK?

So now we wait.

I love waiting.

I am thankful for a good night sleep (with no melatonin or sleeping pill) and a peaceful morning before the scan.  After the scan, Tom and I walked around IKEA for a bit and had lunch and spend time together in the afternoon while the girls were at school.  I love mid-week dates. 🙂

Thanks for praying with us.  I’ll write more on Monday when I know the results.


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