On the news and upcoming appointments

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day.  Tonight is a busy night for our family, so we celebrated on Sunday evening.  The girls decorated the dining room and we enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner prepared by our favorite chef. 🙂

I’m feeling good most days.  About once a week my body hurts a lot…not sure why.  It’s that same pain from the inside out. Sometimes Tylenol helps.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  I can’t pinpoint it to anything I’m doing, but it’s annoying.  I usually end up in bed early on those days.  Other than that, I’m keeping up with our crazy busy life and am so thankful to be feeling great and healthy enough to keep up with the girls.  It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I finished chemo.

Yesterday, I had the privilege of supporting the oncology certified esthetician I’ve told you about before.  She operates out of the Breast Center at Valley Medical Center and while she has many regular paying clients, she also donates some of her services to cancer patients.  She was being interviewed by King5 News and asked a few of us to come be part of it. (more…)

Why October is Hard for Breast Cancer Patients



Don’t get me wrong.  I’m thankful for Breast Cancer research.  I am.  (Although the term “Breast Cancer Awareness” stumps me a bit.  Is there actually an adult in the US who isn’t aware of Breast Cancer that we still need to reach????)

When I started this blog last year, one of the reasons I decided to do it, was to educate others who have never walked this path themselves or with someone else.  There are things I’ve experienced, emotions I’ve had, thoughts I’ve had, that surprised me.


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