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It was a long weekend, not because of anything that happened, but just because of the news and the fact it kept coming to my mind. Life will never be the same. Never again will I be able to go to the Dr. and answer no to all of the medical history questions like I did last Wednesday.

I felt like I was walking around in a daze. I just have this feeling of heaviness and depression. Different things keep coming to my mind and I try and get them out right away, but then a new one will pop in my head. Grrrr! I think not know the exact details of what is wrong is that hardest. I’m praying for a cancellation so I can get an earlier biopsy. It’s hard to wait this long and then know I have to wait a few days after that for the results.

I’m grateful for the texts, phone calls and emails from friends and family, just letting us know that they care and are here for us.

Last week, I was so excited about our cruise and time away with Tom, but now all I can think about is this stupid cancer. I want to be excited about the cruise and our time away. I hope and pray we have some answers before we leave. We did decide to tell the girls after we get home instead of before we leave.


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