PET Scan Results

I have great news to start off the weekend!!  My PET Scan was clear and there is no sign of cancer!  Praise God!

Before we left for the appointment, Tom and I prayed for the Lord’s will and that we would be able to accept whatever the outcome was from the test.  We are thankful for the positive results and give Him all the glory! (more…)

Mammogram results and PET scan appointment

Great news!  My mammogram came back fine.  🙂

The new hormone blocker I’m on seems to be much better.  The only side effect is fatigue.  So now I take a short rest each afternoon so I can make it through the end of the day.  It’s a bit of a bummer, but at least I’m not in pain all the time! (more…)


I am typing from my phone at a dance studio but can’t wait to get this news out. My Dr. called and said the PET scan was clear. Even the haziness that was there last time where the cancer used to be is gone!  Praise God for this great news!

Medicine update and PET Scan

This is day 8 of the new medication and I’m feeling pretty good.  There have been two times my entire body has been throbbing pretty badly, but so far no depression and I’m very thankful for that.  I’m tracking how I’m feeling and what my activity has been around the time I’ve started to hurt.  We’ll see what the next week holds.


Scan Scheduled

insurance denied the pet scan until other imaging is done to show that it is medically necessary. My oncologist ordered a CT scan and a bone scan. The CT scan has been approved and is scheduled for this Monday at 10. Still waiting on the approval of the bone scan.