I’ve said before that it’s sometimes difficult to get up in the morning and go to my “job”.  I haven’t had a job with set hours in 11 years, so this having to be out of the house each morning thing has taken some getting used to.

While I was really dreading it at first since I was worried it would rob me of my summer, like chemo and surgery robbed me of the school year, it’s actually been a really nice summer so far.

I LOVE routine!  Our home operates much better when we have a routine going.  Radiation has forced us to be on a routine Monday – Friday and has made the summer go much smoother (at least so far).  The weather has been HORRIBLE, but the girls love going to someone’s house to play every morning and many afternoons we have fun plans as well.

Plus, I really can’t complain about radiation because of these two people.

Korey and Arlene - They make sure I don't get zapped in the wrong place every day :-)

Cory and Arlene – They make sure I don’t get zapped in the wrong place every day 🙂

Yep!  I get to see these two lovely faces every morning.  They ask my name and birthday, bring me a warm blanket and joke around while lining me up on the table.  It’s actually a pretty fun time that I look forward to, expect the whole “we’re blasting cancer cells out of your body with radiation” part.  Who ever knew I would say that about cancer treatments??

Just like I miss seeing the nurses over in the infusion center, I will miss these two (and the others I have met) when my time is done.  As doctors, nurses, technicians and office staff come alongside you on this journey, they become like family.  While I’ve liked my doctors and nurses in the past, when you are fighting for your life it’s different.  There is such care and compassion that come from everyone in the office.  It’s like nothing I have ever experienced.  It’s kind of hard to describe, but if you’ve walked this journey yourself or with someone else, I would guess you have felt the same way about your team.

Every morning, Cory and Arlene greet me with a smile and a warm blanket.  (I’m still working on the greeting me with a chai tea latte thing….so far no luck with that though.).  They know me by name.  They ask how things are going.  They get to know me as I get to know them.  They joke around with me and even allowed me to take a picture with them.  (Of course I was told they would only pose for a picture if I brought them a snickers bar…so yesterday I brought these in with me, hand picked for each of them.)


I’m so thankful for these two caring people who make my time at the radiation oncology office EVERY DAY, 5 DAYS A WEEK enjoyable.  It could be horrible.  What if I didn’t like the technicians or if they were really annoying and I dreading going each day???  I can’t even imagine!  Of course every day Arlene says,  “We’re running out on you now.”  Fortunately they always come back or I’d be stuck with that silly snorkel and nose clip on!

In other news, treatment is still going really well.

My radiation tan is still just a tan with freckles.  My collar bone is the darkest part of my tan and sometimes itches.  Fortunately, hydrocortisone helps with that.

Still no fatigue or pain.  Praise God for that!!

I actually feel the best I have in a really long time. (And Amanda, my sweet friend who graciously comes and cleans my house every two weeks, commented that she noticed the same thing.  Yay!)   I have a lot of energy, which is good, since the kids are keeping me busy this summer!

I have 4 more treatments to these current areas and then 8 targeted at the scar from my mastectomy. My last day is still scheduled for August 5th.  After that, I get a break for a few weeks and will start a daily hormone blocking pill.  I will be starting that just as the girl are starting school, so hopefully no side effects will come with that!!  I will also continue to get a bone strengthening infusion every 6 weeks.  The next one is scheduled for 7/29.

Many of you have asked about scans and tests after this active treatment is over.  When I go in every 6 weeks to the infusion center, I believe the plan is to test my blood at that time.  We’ll be monitoring with blood tests for a few months and then I will have a PET scan around the first of the year.  Of course this could change at any time, as you know.  But we are living one day at a time as God gives us grace and peace for TODAY.  Tomorrow’s grace and peace will come then.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our family as we fight this cancer.  A few specific requests:

  • Bone strengthening infusion next Wednesday, 7/29.  Last time I had some bad side effects 2 days after the infusion and Christy had to come to my rescue at a moment’s notice.  I’m thankful that my friend Sarah will be here with me for this next one as Tom is opening a new restaurant.  Please pray for no side effects this time around.
  • Strength and good health as I finish up the last 2 1/2 weeks of radiation.
  • Pray that the radiation is doing its job and killing any cancer cells that might still be in my body.

If I can pray for you or your family in any way, please send me an email and let me know.  I’m by myself in a quiet room, laying perfectly still for about 10 minutes day.  I’d love to pray for you during that time.