I have asked myself that question quite a few times this week.  At first I was really concerned we had made a bad decision,  but I still do think it was for the best IF I can get through this!

The problem was, is that my body was in a lot of pain and I kept having to go up on my pain meds,  causing some side effects.  This pain pump delivers the meds I need right to the spinal cord fluid and I can add a bolus (more meds. to help with breakthrough pain) 10x a day if I need it. I can go up much higher with this pain pump because it is so diluted, than with oral or patch pain meds, without big side effects. (At least that is what it is supposed to do.)

The pain pump sits under my skin on the left front of my abdomen near my waistline. (That’s going to be fun to find clothes I can wear out of the house with.) It is constantly giving my body medicine. Then when I need a little extra boost, I put a little device over the pump and control it with an app on a phone.

The white part sits on my stomach on the pump and then I use the phone (not my personal cell phone) to control the extra meds.

The Anesthesiologist can up the dose (in person) and can control how much extra medicine I get. It’s crazy technology. I am so thankful for insurance! Hopefully it’s at the correct dose for the 1/2 of a pain patch that was not replaced this morning. For now, the plan is to go home with a smaller dose of Fenta yl patches, Oxycodone and my new pain pump. The patch we didn’t replace this morning should be getting out of my system so we should start to get an idea shortly. It makes me very nervous.

Ok. Back to resting and reading a book. I’m getting bored…