This week has been different with the girls at school late into the afternoon/evening.  All 3 of them are in Pinnocchio, put on by the Missoula Children’s Theather.  They auditioned on Monday, had practices all week after school, and have 2 performances today.  It’s a crazy week, and they are VERY excited and have had so much fun.  (And so far no major meltdowns, but I’m sure there is at least one to come as they must be totally exhausted!!) Our oldest came to the conclusion that you don’t need to have one of the biggest parts in a play to have fun, and that having less lines was actually more fun, because it wasn’t as stressful.  As a mom, I’m very happy to hear this as she has such big dreams, hopes, ideas, projects, etc.

Because of the extra time I had this week, I was able to spend more time on the two Bible studies I’m working on.  I usually enjoy and learn a lot through the Bible studies I do at church.  But the one that just started, God knew I would need at this exact time in my life.  As the teachers teach each week, they are focusing on the names of God.  Our homework focuses on that as well, but also has us studying about our Hope in God and how to deal with depression when life’s circumstances are not what we wanted or expected.  That’s pretty good timing for this study, but God’s timing is always perfect, right?

I’m still going through my study on not letting my circumstances consume my life and trusting God with them.  This next week will be a test of what I’m learning as I figure out how to take care of the kids (who are home all week because of mid-winter break) with a very soft voice or whisper (thus the reason for the post title.  If you were thinking about calling me on the phone one day soon, don’t bother.  My voice is gone.  It happens once a year at some point, and I guess my body decided now is the time.)  The next few days should be interesting. 🙂

As far as how I’m feeling . . . Thursdays, the day after chemo and Tuesdays seem to be the hardest days for me as far as exhaustion.  The neuropathy gets a little worse the day after chemo, but then gets better quickly.  I am so thankful for that!

As you think about and pray for our family will you pray for:

  • Tom – he has been working non stop for a few weeks now.  He is now the Chief Operations Officer of the company as well as the Chief Culinary Officer (which is AMAZING!  I’m so proud of him!).  However, until he has everything organized in the front of house like he does in the back of house, it’s going to be a lot of work.  Plus there is a new restaurant opening on February 29th in Fort Collins, CO.  He is going to start off the training for that opening, but then leave his team to finish it up and open the restaurant.  Please pray it will go well and that he will not have to travel out there at the last minute.  Please also pray for him as he balances work and things here at home.
  • I’d like my voice to return. 🙂
  • My friend Sarah is traveling up here to stay with us for part of the time Tom is gone.  (I’d like to have a voice to be able to talk to her as well!)
  • The girls – No major meltdowns after a very busy week at school.
  • That I would be willing to ask for help if I need it when Tom is gone.  My Aunt is going to be helping us and my friend Marcia is ready to help and is “on-call” for a few days, and I’m so thankful for that!

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day as we remember God’s love for us and how He demonstrated that on the cross for us.

Romans 5:8 – But God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

I guess that’s it for today.  Thank you for praying with us as we travel this journey.

If there is something specific I can pray for you, please email me and let me know!

So much to be thankful for . . .