I don’t deserve any of this.  It’s just cancer.  Yet all of this happened this weekend because of the cancer.

What a weekend.  Well really 4 days, Thursday – Sunday.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving . . .

I have so much to be thankful for.

God’s grace and what He did for me (us) on the cross.

A beautiful family who loves me, with or without hair, in good times and hard times.

A warm home.

Food on the table (currently being prepared by a very talented chef).

Friends and neighbors who go above and beyond anything I could ever ask or even dream of.

This leads me to the rest of the weekend . . . Friday . . .

I love where we live.  However, each year at this time, leaves cover our entire yard and are a few inches thick.  It’s a big task to get them all picked up and a task that we can’t do ourselves this year.  When Tom broke his back 4 years ago, a family from our church showed up unannounced one morning and took care of all the leaves for us.  They didn’t ask.  They just saw the need and showed up.

This year, the leaves are back, unfortunately.  Kim, AKA wife, mom, friend and as she calls herself our Wednesday meal lady, of that same family, has been keeping an eye on our leaves this year and planned another leaf raking party.  They showed up, along with two other families and within an hour, all our leaves were off the ground, roof and gutter and were in a trailer being carted away. It is pretty overwhelming to see 3 families, parents and kids ages 5-69 (my Dad was out there too), raking our yard joyfully.  The body of Christ is amazing.

20151127_130619 (500x280)

Like I said before, I don’t deserve this.  How do I even go about thanking friends for this gift?  A simple thank you, hug or thank you note seems so inadequate.  They will never know how much this hour meant to our family and especially to me.

Then came Saturday and Sunday . . .

20151128_103956 (500x250)

I love where we live.  Have I said that before?  Last week, some of our neighbors came over with a gift from 5 families on our street.  They gave us a night at the Hyatt in Bellevue.  So as I write this, I’m sitting next to our 11 year old on one of the couches in the Chairman’s Suite of that hotel.  The suite and adjoining room are the size of our house (literally), have 3 bathrooms (one of which is larger than our bedroom), a large kitchenette, 2 seating areas, a huge table, 4 TVs . . . you get the picture.

We were able to watch Snowflake Lane from the second floor of the hotel where it was warm and not crowded.  The girls could actually see the show, although they were more excited about playing on the treadmills and other gym equipment.  (We were watching from the fitness center.)

We rode the elevator with a few Seahawks and accidentally sat in a restricted area for a while, while playing photo hide and seek in the hotel, which explains why so many of the players kept walking by.  No one asked us to leave the first time, probably because we were just sitting there talking and not looking at them – lol.   Oops!

We swam in the pool and enjoyed being together as a family.  It wasn’t perfect and we had a few rough moments with the kids, but hopefully those frustrating memories will fade away fast and we can remember the great ones, like these:

20151129_114119 (500x347)

20151129_114310 (500x281)

Again, words, a thank you note or a hug do not seem like enough for this amazing experience we were given.  It was truly wonderful!

Tomorrow is back to reality – kids to school and Tom to work.  I’ll be hanging out with my Dad and having him help me with a few things around the house. 🙂  Then Tuesday is labs and Dr. apt., Wed. is chemo and Thursday is the shot that I just love so much.

So much to be thankful for . . .

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