Well, wish I had some fabulous news…but still struggling with some big side effects.

I met with my oncologist yesterday when I was at the infusion center. He prescribed an antidepressant and also a steroid to help give me energy and try to stimulate my appetite. The steroid works right away. The antidepressant in 2-4 weeks.

While it is no longer painful to eat and drink, it is a struggle to get stuff down. I drank quite a bit more today than I have in the past 2 weeks, so that’s good. I ate a little as well. I have had about 1450 calories total today, which is definitely more than than I have been able to do. Most of those are calories from juice and Ensure.

The morning was hard with a new side effect hitting…diarrhea…from the chemo pill, probably starting now that I don’t have pain meds making me constipated. I figured they were counteracting each other and I have not taken much of the pain meds lately, so it must be completely out of my system now.

I visited with 2 friends today and was up out off bed a little more. I was hoping to get outside for a short walk, but that didn’t happen. I will try for that tomorrow!

Christy asked me today how my mind is doing. She told me I was tracking our conversation well, so that’s good. I pointed out a pile of papers on the table that I haven’t been able to focus on and haven’t cared enough to ask for help with, and my Bible out that I intended to read when I got up this morning but was feeling too sick and went back to bed. I start to pray and my mind turns mush…with me ending with giving it all to God because He knows, whether I can formulate the words or not. I am not thinking much about the future…Christmas coming in just over a month, decorating, money, food, the condition of my house or whether I have makeup on or my hair done. In my mind I realize I am not thinking about all of this, and don’t care….totally unlike me.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt a parent teacher conference in the morning. We’ll see if I can make it. Mornings are hard. I did not make it to Molly’s conference today, but it is a student led conference so we can do it at home just as easily. I also have a few friends coming to help with things around the house and Linda, plan on making me get out for a short walk when you get here!

Baby steps….today I did not spend all day in bed. I am thankful for that.

Thanks for reading and for all of the comments on Facebook and the blog. I read them all but I’m sorry I am not able to respond to them all. Each comment means so much to me.

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