Quick post tonight to ask for prayer . . .

Tom has a very bad case of the flu.  He is quarantined to our room and the main bathroom.  I’m wearing a mask when I go in to take him food and drinks.  I’m washing my hands and using hand sanitizer CONSTANTLY.  Please pray I can stay healthy.

When I talked to the oncologist on-call today, she said what I was doing was good.  She also asked about my white blood count, which thankfully was not a concern at my last chemo.  She said that was good as well and to keep doing what I was doing.  I’m glad she didn’t say to move out for a few days!

On top of that, our oldest now has a temp of 102.  She says she just doesn’t feel good.  I pray she doesn’t have what Tom has.  If she still has that high of a fever tomorrow I guess I’m calling the Dr. to see if I need to bring her in.

This is a lot to handle so soon after chemo.  Please pray for strength and health for me and the two younger girls.  I don’t have much on my schedule that I have to do, but would really like to be able to keep my appointment with the plastic surgeon on Tuesday.  Please pray that will work out with 2 of us sick. Thanks friends.