In my last post about radiation and the decision to do it, I left out one big part….our cruise, which leaves February 15th. With radiation starting on Wednesday and ending on February 11th, that doesn’t give me much time to heal before getting on the ship. We talked about many different scenarios, none of which were good. The thought of canceling was horrible. The thought of Tom and the girls without me was horrible. Our original booking had Tom and Sage in one room and Molly, Ashley and I in another. When I called yesterday to find out cancellation options, I found out that the 3 girls can be in a room together since we would be right next door. That is a game changer for me – being able to be in a room with Tom! We decided as that as long as I can physically walk on the plane on the 14th, I am going! If I’m going to miserable, might as well be miserable on a brand new cruise ship. 🙂 The radiation oncologist said there was no reason I couldn’t go, but that I might be miserable. So miserable or not, I’m going. It’s the best option. It gives me something to look forward to and something to fight (and swallow, drink and eat) for. It’s amazing how that can help your outlook on life. 🙂

Tomorrow I have my appointments with the oncologist and the supportive care nurse as well as my infusion and shots. Wednesday I have my practice radiation and first treatment. (The practice got bumped a day, so they are doing both in one appointment so I can get started.)

Today our new house cleaners came for the second time. That was nice, and strange. I really do love to clean. I know. I’m strange. Tom is working locally so I’ve seen him off and on today. Today was a school day with not much going on this evening. I love those kinds of nights. 🙂

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