Well, I definitely don’t recommend it, but the side effects from radiation are serving as a great weight loss program for me right now. 🤣😭😔

Seriously….if I don’t joke about it, I will cry.

Saturday night we called the radiation oncologist oncall and he said we could go the ER and get fluids and pain meds, or he could give us a prescription for liquid Oxycodone that I could take so I could tolerate drinking fluids. Tom found a pharmacy open late and got the prescription for me.

I’ve been trying to just take 5ml every 4 hours, but if I still can’t handle the pain when I drink, I can take more.

Today I have been able to drink 2 Ensures, about a half cup of chocolate pudding and a little apple juice. I’m going to try another Ensure for dinner, maybe a little something else as well. It’s not much.

The medicine makes me very tired and itchy. So between that and the bennadryl I’m really weak and light headed. I pretty much have been laying/sitting on my bed for the past few days. The Dr. said I should be feeling better by the weekend, which is discouraging.

I have been reaching out for help, especially driving the kids places, as I am unable to drive this drugged up. I am thankful this is temporary, but I will admit, it has been a very, very hard few days. Because of the medicine I’m not really able to think about much, which I am thankful for. Still taking one moment at a time…

Tomorrow I have a Dr. apt. via phone with my nautropath and am also trying to get into the infusion center to get 2 liters of fluid. Right now they have no appointments available, but the radiation oncolology nurse is going to call again in the morning and try and get me in. I am trying really hard to stay hydrated enough to stay out of the hospital. I will go in one other time this week for an additional 2 liters as well.

Tom took great care of me over the weekend and I had help from friends today. Thank you to everyone who has helped at the last minute. I will be reaching out more this week. ♥️♥️

If you are local and would be willing to drive one of our girls someplace or take me to an appointment when Tom can’t, will you message me so I can create a list? I know many of you have reached out already, but I think I need to get a bit more organized. ♥️ Thanks friends!

As you pray, will you please pray my esophagus will heal quickly so I can eat and drink without pain? Please also pray that I will be able to get an appointment to get some fluids tomorrow. Also, please pray that we will not be discouraged.

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