It’s another “Night Before….” post.  It’s so strange to think I’m having surgery tomorrow.

Today was very ordinary.  I went to the gym after I got the kids off to school, ran a few errands, took our 6th grader and a friend to the local taco truck for lunch, had 3 extra kids in our house to hang out and play and enjoyed an eggnog latte while chatting with a neighbor.  Now the girls are watching TV and I am doing a little Thanksgiving prep.  It was just a regular day here.

But that all stops at midnight when I will all of a sudden become starving and dying of thirst, because I know I can’t have anything.  Haha!  Hopefully I will be asleep at midnight. 🙂

I check in tomorrow at 10:30 and surgery is scheduled for 11:30.  It should be less than 2 hours and then an hour in recovery and off we go.

Will you please pray my blood sugar will not drop tomorrow as I’m waiting to go into surgery, and for wisdom and steady hands for the Dr. and all those involved in the surgery.  Also, please pray for Tom and the girls as they will be at work and school.  Thank you friends!

I will post on Facebook when I’m coherent enough to type or speak into my phone. 🙂


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