Day 3….what is it about day 3 that makes it harder? Day 3 of the school week, day 3 of the work week, day 3 after chemo, day 3 of VBS, day 3 of Camp……the list could go on and on.. Vacation must be part of the hard day 3 thing as well, and no one ever told me. Day 3 in a Disney Park….not the best day we’ve ever had.

Today ended well. Valley Girls and Guys hired a photographer for us. So we took some Disney family photos around 6. (More on that later.)

Then we entered Epcot for a late dinner from The Boardwalk side, which is such an amazing resort! We had time to look around a few countries and then had dinner at The Coral Reef restaurant. Everything we ordered was wonderful.

We ended with ice cream in France. How can you not love a macaron ice cream sandwich?

Before 6 pm….not so great. I spent time reading, praying for peace in our family, and that’s enough said. If you are a parent, you get it. Some days are hard.

But since it ended really well, Tom and I decided it was a good day. So, thank you God for another day as family!