I have written a few versions of this post, but, keep deleting them.  This is a hard one to write.

I have decided to stop active cancer treatment. 

While my scans came back OK, my quality of life has gone downhill a lot in the past couple months while on this chemo.

What does stopping active cancer treatment look like?  It means no more chemo. No more scans. No more blood tests. No more treatments of any kind to try and kill the cancer.

Sometime in the next week we will talk with a Hospice nurse and they will take over my care here at home.  From now on, we will be focusing on keeping me comfortable. That sounds wonderful.

I am at peace with this decision, as is Tom. Neither of us are looking for other ways to fight this cancer.  Thank you for respecting that.

Thank you for all the text messages today checking in on me and seeing how I am doing. Sorry I haven’t replied to all of them. I’m very tired today. I’m am doing fine.  I don’t feel worried or anxious.  I feel at peace.

I do have one request, if you see our girls in person, I would prefer you not to bring it up, unless they start talking about it with you. They know everything that is going on, but don’t always want to talk about it.

I love this picture of us in Animal Kingdom!

Thank you for praying for us and continuing to pray for us as we navigate the unknown ahead.

I will write more soon.  But now it’s time to rest.