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I got a call from Dr. MacAbee (my primary care Dr.) at 9am this morning. I did not expect to hear anything today and was so surprised to get her call. The biopsy came back positive and it is malignant, both the tumor and the lymph node. She said it’s Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I was able to call the breast surgeon’s office and get an appointment for 1 pm TODAY instead of having to wait until Monday morning. 🙂 Praise God for that opening!

After workout (which I had to miss because of the biopsy on Monday), Jen stopped by with a latte and a muffin and I was able to tell her in person. We chatted about it for a bit and then more about life. We spent some time in prayer. I’m so glad she came over!

More later . . .

The Dr. appointment with Dr. Unger went well. We talked a bit about surgery and she did a quick exam. She was able to get an appointment for me with the oncologist for Monday, an MRI for Friday and we are just waiting for insurance to approve the PET scan to schedule that. I also had blood drawn for a gene test to see if I have a specific gene that they know causes breast cancer. We will be talking with the oncologist on Monday to see if we should do chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before we do surgery. So a bit more waiting, but I’m thankful they were able to get those appointments so fast (and that we are still going on the cruise!!))

Right now it doesn’t feel real. I feel great. 🙁

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